Equestrian Arena & Paddock Fencing

Our equestrian fencing ensures that your paddocks and arenas are safe and secure spaces for your horse.

Equestrian Arena & Paddock Fencing

Equestrian fencing for arenas and paddocks.

In partnership with our sister company, Chart Fencing, our experienced fence installation team has access to a huge range of fencing materials.

Whether you're looking to fence your paddocks, arena or boundary, we can supply, or both supply and install your fencing to create safe and secure spaces for your horses.

Our equestrian fencing options include post and rail, traditional style cleft chestnut, post and wire stock fencing and permanent electric fencing.

We can also install gateways, lay access tracks and all-weather surfaces. Get in touch with our team or build an online quote.

Price Illustrations
Here are a couple ideas of prices. We offer lots of different options, so do get in touch if you have any questions or try out our online quote builder.

20 x 40m Arena Fencing

Upgrade your equestrian arena with our durable 20 x 40m Arena Fencing. Providing safety and style, it's perfect for training and competitions.

Post & Rail Paddock Fencing

Our wooden post & rail fencing offers a strong and secure boundary for you paddock, which can be easily installed.

Equestrian Arena & Paddock Fencing

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