Arena Refurbishments & Resurfacing

Does your arena need a top-up, resurfacing or refurbishing? Let us give your arena a new lease of life.

Arena Refurbishments & Resurfacing

Arena resurfacing, surface top-ups and refurbishment.

Every riding arena needs maintenance and care. Over time, surfaces can become compact and thin and drainage can become blocked leading to unusable arenas with standing water, frozen surfaces and surfaces that are more likely to cause concussive injuries to your horse.

We begin with a thorough assessment of your riding arena, taking into account factors such as surface condition and drainage. We then collaborate closely with you to understand what you want to achieve, working within your budget to create a plan for improvement.

Whether it's upgrading the riding surface, improving drainage systems, or enhancing the arena's visual appeal, we are committed to delivering a professional service.

Price Illustrations
Here are a couple ideas of prices. We offer lots of different options, so do get in touch if you have any questions or try out our online quote builder.

20 x 40m Sand Fibre Wax Resurfacing

With 20 x 40m Sand Fibre Wax Resurfacing, you can completely change your arena. Achieve long-term viability and ideal playing conditions for your facility. Use our excellent surfacing solution to improve both performance and safety.

20 x 60m Sand Fibre Wax Resurfacing & Removal

Use our 20 x 60m Sand Fibre Wax Resurfacing & Removal solution to revitalise your arena. Achieve great riding conditions, improved resilience, and quick wax removal for a premium surface.

Arena Refurbishments & Resurfacing

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